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Moles and mole control
Moles are considered to be agricultural pests, problems cited as caused by moles include contamination of silage with soil particles making it unpalatable to livestock, the covering of pasture with fresh soil reducing its size and yield, damage to agricultural machinery by the exposure of stones, damage to young plants through disturbance of the soil, weed invasion of pasture through exposure of fresh tilled soil, and damage to drainage systems and watercourses.
Moles burrow lawns, raising molehills, and killing the lawn, for which they are sometimes considered pests. They can undermine plant roots, indirectly causing damage or death. However, contrary to popular belief, moles do not eat plant roots.
We only use the traditional method of trapping moles by using traps. The traps we use are the duffus or half barrel trap or we may use a Talpex trap, both these traps give a quick humane kill.
The damage most people associate with moles is the hill like piles of soil that are pushed to the surface. Moles use their mighty front feet to claw at the earth and bundle it on all sides to create a tunnel. They will then turn around in their burrow and shove the soil to the surface. The dug up earth builds a pile, which can get bigger than 2 feet in diameter. These unpleasant mounds will then settle to produce grassless spots on your lawn. Another damage of lawn moles or garden moles is the “surface tunnelling” that looks like a long series of “vein-like” upward cracks in soft dirt similar to newly laid grass or gardens. A lot of people encountering mole problems complain of walking across their lawn to find their feet sinking this is caused by the weight of the person squashing a shallow mole tunnel. Moles can also damage concrete blocks, driveways, pools, and even shallow foundations. When these incidents happen, they can either be permanent or very costly to repair
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Damage caused by Moles
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Moles, mole damage and their control
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