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Rabbits and rabbit control
Grey squirrel and squirrel control
A doe (female rabbit) produces about four litters per season with an average litter size of six kittens. The does in these litters are ready to breed at six to ten months of age so the population can explode. Traditionally the breeding season for rabbits is from March until October. This season is now extending with warmer winters, and kittens (young rabbits) have been seen in December!
Rabbit damage causes the loss of profit on cereal fields and other crops, rabbit warrens and bolt holes can inflict broken legs on horses and other livestock.
Rabbits destroy fine lawns and vegetable patches in gardens and in extreme cases can undermine foundations.Rabbits eat tree bark, plants, shrubs and they can quickly kill young and old trees by ring-barking the trunks.
Some of the rabbit control methods we use are rabbit proof fencing, live catch traps, shooting, and ferreting.
Grey squirrels can cause serious problems for foresters, native wildlife and property. The bark stripping from tree trunks during the months of May and June, damages fruit trees and natural woodland.
In spring, the taking of eggs and young chicks can be devastating for songbird and ground nesting bird populations. The grey squirrel is also a significant factor in the decline of the native red squirrel population in the UK. Greys can carry the squirrel pox virus. And although they are relatively unaffected themselves the disease causes considerable suffering and death to the red squirrel –which is already severely threatened and extinct in many parts of the UK.
Once caught (if in a live catch trap) it’s an offence under section 14 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981) to release grey squirrels back into the wild.
Some of the squirrel control methods we use can include trapping with live catch traps, shooting and the use of Kania traps these are usually baited with peanuts to attract squirrels.
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Rabbits, squirrels and their control
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